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If you're going spend $10 on one beer, what should you buy? If you're going to drive 2 hours to check out a brewery, what's worth your time? If you're going to plan a Friday night, what has a good selection and friendly atmosphere? We're here to help you answer these questions.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel

Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel is a Dunkelweizen or Dark Wheat Beer brewed by the Erdinger Wheat Brewery(Weissbrau) in Erdinger, Germany. Erding sits in the middle of an agricultural area east of Munich which may explain the brewery's focus on wheat beers. The brewery is well known as one of the most popular to visit. Erdinger is probably the largest brewery with global distribution to bottle condition all their beers.

I bought this at the Pangaea Bottle shop for $3.49 for a 550ml. It has an AV of 5.6%.

The beer pours a dark brown color, similar to a porter, with a thick foamy head that leaves nice lacings. The head shrinks with the sips, but remains intact for a while. The aroma is subtle with wheat, hints of roasted malts and maybe banana or dark fruits. The taste is crisp and subtle with the hefe wheat flavor upfront followed by the roasted malts and hints of coco, dark fruit and banana. Not much hop taste. It has a medium body with good carbonation. It's lighter than you'd expect for its color and smooth.

Overall, I think I might have gotten an older bottle or perhaps the 3 beers prior ruined my palate. The flavors were rather dull and didn't stick out. It wasn't a bad beer, it was still refreshing with a good body. I recommend you Try It, BUT with a big disclaimer that higher rated Dunkelweisses can be found alongside this - Weihenstephaner, New Belgium, and Gordon Biersch's Dunkelweizens are all higher rated than Erdinger's.

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