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Beer culture is coming of age. At any store, restaurant, bar, or friend's house you can now find at least a few good brews. In fact, there seem to be so many new beers, breweries and bars it's difficult to separate the good, the bad, and the mediocre.

If you're going spend $10 on one beer, what should you buy? If you're going to drive 2 hours to check out a brewery, what's worth your time? If you're going to plan a Friday night, what has a good selection and friendly atmosphere? We're here to help you answer these questions.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Upcoming Event: Sierra Nevada Brewfest

BrewFest 2011
From the Events Page...

What: 22nd Annual Sierra Nevada Brewfest
Where: Nevada County Fairgrounds
When: This Saturday August 27 from 3 to 6:30pm

$25 in advance, $30 at the gate. This event benefits Music in the Mountains


Ace Cider

Alaskan Brewing
Auburn Alehouse
Bards Gluten Free
Beach Chalet Brewery
Beer Valley Brewing
Bison  Brewing
Black Diamond Brewing
Blue Frog Grog & Grill
Boulder  Brewing
Buckbean Brewing
Caldera Brewing
Cherry VooDoo
Eel River Brewing
Feather Falls Casino Brewing
Fishtail Brewing
Fossil Fuels
Fox Barrel Cider
Grand Teton Brewing
Hermitage Brewery
Hoppy Brewing Company
Irondale  Beer
JK Scrumpy's Organic Cider
Knee Deep Brewing Company
Kona Brewing
Lagunitas Brewing
Left Coast Brewing
Lost Coast Brewing
Loomis Basin Brewing
Mad River Brewing
Ole Republic Brewing
Redhook Brewing
Sierra Nevada Brewing
Sierra Moonshine Homebrew
Snowshoe Brewing
Strangeford  Lough
Trumer Brauerei
Uncommom Brewing
Valley Brewing
Widmer Brewing 

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