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Friday, October 7, 2011

Black Boss Porter

Black Boss Porter is a Baltic Porter from the Boss Brewery of Witnica, Poland. While Black Boss uses Porter ingredients, it uses lager yeast. Porters traditionally use ale yeast.

Beer has been brewed at the site since 1848. This is a new beer to the US. Boss was mainly a regional beer for most of its history. The last ten years saw changes in ownership followed by an angel investor that push for international distribution.

I've noticed a steady rise in the availability of Polish beers, including Kozlak which I recently reviewed. Apparently some of the macro brewers are turning some old Polish breweries into Brewcepticons, something the British experienced a few years ago. I don't think Black Boss is owned by macro brewer. I've enjoyed what I've tasted so far, so I hope they keep them coming.

I bought this at Nugget Market in Davis for $3.99 for a 550ml. It has an ABV of 9.2%.

The beer pours a dark, almost black color. However, when held to the light its actually a very reddish brown, almost like a cola. There is a thin, off white head that leaves little lacings. The aroma is somewhat assertive, with roasted malts, some smokiness and dark fruits. The taste reminds of an Imperial stout with a bit more roasted notes. Sweet dark malts, roasted and a bit of smoked malts, and hints of dark fruit, reminiscent of a cola, but in a good way. While the taste is that of an Imperial Stout, the body is definitely one of a porter. There are hints of alcohol , but not what you'd expect out of 9.2%. It's medium bodied with a balanced amount of carbonation. The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth while tasting with a refreshing finish. For such a big, dark beer its very drinkable.

The lagering of this porter is what probably gave it its unique blend of flavors and drinkability.

If you're a fan of stouts and porters, you will love this beer, its a Must Have It. However, I can see how some of the flavors, might put a hop-head or light beer lover off. But overall its a really good, unique Porter. Solid flavors and techniques.

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