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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Track 7 Brewing Company

Owners Ryan and Geoff
Track 7 Brewing Company is a brewery in Sacramento in the southern part of Curtis Park, right off of Sutterville road.

Their standard line up is: Alkali Wit, Daylight Amber, Soulman Stout, Big 4 Strong Ale and two special release; Blonde Ale, and Beligan IPA.

You can read a story about the owners and their mission. Track 7 is also posting regular updates on their facebook page.

Track 7 is located in a row of small warehouses that are home to various businesses. It's a small business district between the railroad tracks, south Curtis Park and north North Foothill Farms. Technically its Foothill Farms, but its one block from Curtis Park.

The space feels like you're hanging out in a suped-up home brewers garage. The rectangular building will have the kettles in the back and the taproom up front. It's open, with really tall ceilings and cinder block walls. The bar, which is made out of glass and rail tracks will divide the space. The bar was made by local glassblower Rene Steinke. They will feature 6 of their styles on tap at any given time.

There is a lounge on one side that has couches and comfortable spots to sit and sip. There is also be  picnic benches, regular benches and chairs as well as heat lamps. They are allowed to have live music, which will most likely be acoustic.

Food will not be served by Track 7, but they will be inviting food trucks to serve their customers. Wicked Wich will be on hand for opening day.

Track 7 also plans to be a family friendly spot, with kids welcome.

The owners, Ryan and Geoff are experienced, experimental home brewers, who have a combined 15 years of home brewing. Home brewers like to experiment and so will Track 7. You can expect a focus on West Coast, hoppy, and Belgian styles, but they will not be sticking to one theme. Rumor is they're working on a Belgian Chocolate Stout. While they're not sticking to a theme, I feel like "The Home Brewers Brewery" is an emerging, natural theme.

Bar made from rails.
I had a good time talking with Ryan and Geoff, they're laid back, excited about beer and have put in a lot of work to get Track 7 off the ground. I suggest you head out to Track 7 in the near feature and support a local brewery.

View from Sutterville rd.

Grain mill
DIY Keg Washer

Turn down W. Pacific off of Sutterville rd.

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  1. I'm looking forward to visiting this brewery when it opens. It'll be nice to have a brewery closer to Land Park.