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Monday, September 23, 2013

Midnight Hoppyness

Midnight Hoppyness is a Double Black IPA from the Knee Deep Brewing Company of Lincoln, California. I found this at Nugget Market in Davis, CA. Its 9.5% ABV.

Black IPA's are a uniquely American style beer, but it is not without controversy. In certain northwest parts of the country this style is referred to as a Cascadian Dark Ale. The Black IPA was only recognized as a specific style 3 years ago by the Brewers Association.

This style has continued to be improved upon over its short life, but the concept is simple - mix the dark, roasted flavors of a dark ale with the bitter or fruity or piney punch of an IPA.

Midnight Hoppyness looks like a typical dark ale, no light shines through the body. It pours a tan thin head and leaves very little lacings. The aroma prepares you for the taste - a balanced blend of roasted malts, chocolate malts, citrus hops, and piney hops. The flavor is balanced throughout although the chocolate malts seem to provide the backbone from start to finish. An enjoyable, bitter piney hop flavor lingers at the end, although if you wait a bit the chocolate reemerges. The mouthfeel is clean and satisfying and the body is medium - not heavy as its color would suggest. Despite the big ABV, there is no alcohol taste.

Overall, this is a great example of a Black IPA. Strong, distinct flavors from the dark malts and the hops. Knee Deep has done a great job. This is a must have it. I had a feeling this would be good.

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